Services We Offer

We have the experience to deliver a successful solar project, every time!

New & Retrofit Solar Installation

Deploying a solar power generation system on a new build or retrofitting an existing building can be very simple. 

Using advanced geo-mapping and modeling software,  our engineers will design a roof or ground mounted solar power plant that will compliment your property.

If you are planning a new build, we recommend designing for the solar in the early stages of the development to reduce the overall cost and maximize the energy generation potential.

Solar Operations & Maintenance Services


Protecting your assets

With real time monitoring to energy forecasting we make sure that your system is operating at its maximum potential.

Solar power generation systems require some maintenance for optimal performance. With regular site checkups we can identify potential issues and develop a plan that will minimize the down time.

Solar Operations & Maintenance Services

When it comes to maintaining and operating your solar power generation system, we strive to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction by offering prompt, courteous and professional services when you need it.

Remove & Reinstall

At some point in time, solar arrays may need to be partially or completely removed to perform necessary repairs or to replace a deteriorated roof.  We understand the burden of the process and will work with your contractor to ensure a hassle free experience. 

Contact us in the early stages of the planning and we can offer recommendations that will ensure that your down time will be minimal and your new roof will be compatible with the solar array.

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